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We do last-mile delivery.  Here's what that means:

Step 1:

Step 2:

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Packages are sorted and racked at the delivery station for your arrival

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Step 3:

We'll teach you the best way to load your van for easy retrieval on the road

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Each package should be scanned and photographed so customers know exactly when and where to retrieve it.

All about DOTC Delivery

We are an Amazon Delivery Partner, operating in Queens, New York.  With 20 years of last-mile logistics management experience, we know how to navigate the perils and pitfalls of delivery. 


Our primary focus is to help motivated, qualified candidates find the smoothest path to expertise and exceptional performance as a Delivery Associate.  

Your success is our success, so you will find communication, feedback, and thoughtful consideration hallmarks of our approach.  You're the one out on the road, so we need to know what you know.

Where will you have to go?

By far, the longest part of your day will be spent in and out of the van on the route, in a dedicated neighborhood in Queens.  

But this map shows you the relevant locations in our operations: our office, the van pickup / dropoff location, and the delivery station itself.

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